ABPA members who were not originally Veterinarians (ie our Chiropractor and Osteopath members) face extra challenges in carrying out their work. The animal care legislation in Australia is outdated and does not do
enough to protect animal welfare or consumer rights. The only control over providers of animal care services is framed in prevention of cruelty to animals legislation and veterinary practice acts.

Veterinary acts control the actions of veterinarians to protect animals and people, but can also be highly restrictive (anti-competitive) on non veterinarians who seek to offer services for the care of animals, even if these people are highly qualified to do so.

An example of this was recently seen in South Australia when one of our members, Dr Bernie Nadolny, was prosecuted for providing "veterinary" services, even though he was offering chiropractic assessment and treatment that most veterinarians would not have had any training at all to offer.

Your donation will support the ABPA in lobbying for updated legislation that protects animals and their people by:

  • registering appropriately qualified animal care providers and outlining their scope of practice
  • using appropriate wording in veterinary practice acts, which does not limit the ability of other animal care providers to carry out their business

Donations may also be used to support ABPA members who have been penalised unfairly under these antiquated pieces of legislation, or for legal advice to the ABPA on these legislative matters.

If you wish to support Dr Bernie Nadolny by donating any amount, large or small, to assist with paying his fine and court costs, simply click the button below. You can use your credit or debit card, or a paypal account to make a payment. Funds will go directly to Dr Nadolny, less the required transaction fees charged by the payment provider.

For information on the ABPA's position on the court case VBSA vs Nadolny, please click here to view the press release statement.

Please Note: The ABPA Inc is not a registered charity, and does not carry tax deductable status for any donations.