Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia

Dr Rebecca Hansen

Specialty: ,
Area Covered: NSW – Sydney
Qualifications: B Chir Sc 2003 M Chir Sc 2006 Grad Dip ABM 2017
Address: Hoof and Hound Biomechanics 20/1-7 Jordan St, Gladesville NSW 2111
Phone: 02 9817 6611
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Rebeca is a chiropractor with over 10 years experience. While on maternity leave, she found the time to study Animal Biomechanical Medicine, something she had been interested in for some time. Now she can share her manual therapy skills with you and your pet!

Rebecca is a passionate owner of dogs. Her current fur baby is Mr Bingley the Swedish Vallhund (pictured below) but she loves all dogs big and small and has previously owned Rottweilers and a Great Dane.

Rebecca owned horses in her pre-mortgage life and had a particular interest in Eventing. She loves spending time with horses and belives that helping them feel the best they can is a great way to do it.