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Dr Rachel Morris

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Area Covered: South Gippsland
Dr Rachel Morris
Qualifications: BSc (Clin.Sc), MHSc (osteo) Grad Dip ABM
Address: Gippsland Animal Osteopathy 90 Boundary Rd Loch VIC 3445
Phone: 0417408725
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Rachael is an Osteopath who completed her Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University in 2014.

Since completing her studies she has been working locally in the South Gippsland region.

Her passion for working with animals was something she was always interested in combining with her human studies. She went on to complete the Graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine at Box Hill Institute.

This unique course gave Rachael the skills to integrate her Osteopathic background and expand her biomechanical knowledge, to apply to animals as well as humans.

Rachael grew up on a farm in the south Gippsland region with her father being a veterinarian, which resulted in a strong passion for helping animals.

Rachael utilizes her Osteopathic skills, which combines soft tissue mobilization, joint articulation and manipulation as well as some indirect osteopathic techniques to accommodate the individual patient.

Rachael is also a qualified DMA Clinical Pilates Instructor and enjoys rehabilitating and educating patients on safe management and gradual return to specific activities after acute and chronic injuries.

In her spare time Rachael enjoys hiking, running, surfing and making the most of the beautiful local walks with her dog.