Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia

Dr Matt Breeds

Area Covered: Sydney South
Matt Breeds
Qualifications: BSc.Chiro, M.Chiro, GradDip (ABM), CertIV OHS, TAA
Address: Animal Rehab Klinik 59/1-9 Gray Street Sutherland NSW 2232
Phone: 02 9188 0863
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Hi, I’m Matt one of the Co-founders of the Animal Rehab Klinik.

I graduated in 2008 from Macquarie University and I’ve worked in human practice for 8 years and I have always liked animals and had a variety of pets throughout my life growing up.

In 2010 I started Sutherland Chiropractic, which outgrew its premises and evolved into Shire Healthcare which had various treatment modalities available to treat humans in a holistic and natural manner.

After going to my friend’s farm and meeting a dog called Missy who lost a front leg in an accident, I became interested in the idea of how similar animals are to humans in their need for rehab and treatment. I also began to wonder why it wasn’t readily available for animals in the same way. After that, it became my mission to become educated and create a place where all furry family members can have the same health options as their humans. I saw that there weren’t many services like this that existed, and only a handful of educated and experienced people in the world were thinking about animals in this way.

With that in mind, and with the help of Dr Rhys, the Animal Rehab Klinik was born – a place for animals to get the same quality of care as their humans get. Simple as that.

Shortly after opening the Animal Rehab Klinik I had a new addition to my family – Sunday, a Tri-Pawed Rottweiler was brought to the Klinik for some advice on how to manage her amputated paw. I couldn’t resist her cuteness, so I adopted her knowing that I could provide her with the life that she needed to keep her healthy. You can read more about Sunday on her blog here. 

Outside of work, I enjoy Surfing, playing music, being in nature and spending time with my friends and family.