Dr Kate Haines

Dr Kate Haines


Species Treated :
Equine, Small Animal

Area Covered :

Phone :
(03) 5174 6999

Primary Address

Latrobe Vet Group180 Princes Highway, Traralgon Victoria 3844

(03) 5174 6999

Dr Kate Haines has been interested in Biomechanical Medicine for Animals since soon after graduation as a veterinarian in 1984.

In 1994 she formalised this interest by attending a week long workshop on Chiropractic care for horses, followed by another on dogs a few months later. She was aware of the potential importance of Chiropractic for animals, but also aware of her need for further formal training. She completed the certification requirements for the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1995.
In 1998, RMIT University started its world first 2 year program in Animal Chiropractic. Dr Haines was part of the first group to complete the Graduate Diploma program.
In 2000, Dr Haines studied hard, completing a project on spinal function in endurance horses, and gained her Masters degree. She was the first in the world to complete the requirements for this qualification. As a result, Dr Hanies attained a distinction for her work.

Dr Haines was a principal lecturer in the RMIT Animal Chiropractic program. She has presented widely on the benefits of Animal Chiropractic care. Dr Haines has also spent several years as secretary of Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia (previously Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association). She was course writer and chaired the Steering Committee which developed & accredited the new Graduate Diploma Animal Biomechanical Medicine course under the Australian Qualifications Framework, played a major role in setting the course up for delivery in partnership with Box Hill Institute and continues to teach and work on development of this world unique course.

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