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Dr Ian Bidstrup

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Area Covered: VIC- Clinic visits only, Sugarloaf Creek
Dr Ian Bidstrup
Qualifications: BVSc(Hons) MACVSc(Equine Medicine), Master Chiro Sc, Cert Acup(IVAS)
Address: Spinalvet 1190 Sugarloaf Creek Rd, Sugarloaf Creek
Phone: 0417 115 677
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Raised on a farm in North Central Victoria, Ian graduated with a Veterinary Science degree from Melbourne University in 1980. After 10 years in veterinary practice his dissatisfaction with spinal treatment options led him to pursue training in chiropractic and acupuncture.

After several short courses here in Australia in the early 90’s and a 10 week study tour with some of the best teachers of chiropractic and acupuncture America in 1993, Ian was on a one way trip to become one of the best qualified veterinarians in chiropractic and acupuncture in Australia.

Since the early 90’s Ian has completed an American Chiropractic Association certificate in Veterinary Chiropractic, an International certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture, a Graduate diploma in Animal Chiropractic and a Masters degree in Chiropractic Science (Animal), both via RMIT University. Continuing education is a daily process via books, journals and post gradate courses.

For the past 21 years Ian has had a full time practice treating spinal problems in horses and spinal problems and arthritis in dogs.

Peer education is very important to Ian. As well as teaching post graduate “Spinal Awareness” courses for veterinarians he was the principal lecturers at the Graduate Diploma of Animal Chiropractic course run via RMIT University until 2009. Saddle fitting too is one of his major concerns. He has been the principal lecturer at the Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia Accreditation and Advanced Accreditation courses since the year 2000.

Now only treating clients from the clinic, located at: 1190 Sugarloaf Creek Rd, Sugarloaf Creek