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Dr Alice Nguyen

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Area Covered: Sydney
Dr Alice Nguyen
Qualifications: B.Biomed Sci, Masters Chiro, Grad Dip ABM
Address: Bondi Junction
Phone: 02 8096 2542
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Dr Alice graduated from Macquarie University in 2009 with a Masters of Chiropractic. She is the owner of Awaken Life Wellness, a boutique chiropractic studio in Bondi, Sydney. 

Alice has a passion for helping her patients regulate their nervous system towards optimal health and wellbeing using an integrated, mind-body approach. 

She has always had a deep love for animals, and a profound event 9 years ago led to her switching completely to a plant-based diet, whilst becoming an advocate for animal welfare. She developed a passion towards not only protecting them, but also helping them live long quality lives, as free from pain as possible.

She completed the Animal Biomechanical Medicine program at Box Hill Institute in 2019 and found the program to be invaluable towards her cause. 

Alice uses a combination of low force instrumentation and soft tissue techniques, applied kinesiology, gentle manual chiropractic adjustments as well as rehab and stress reduction strategies to help optimise patient outcomes. 

In her downtime, she enjoys staying healthy with yoga, meditation, training at the gym, competing with the International BodyBuilding Federation, relaxing in nature and supporting various animal sanctuaries.