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Course Update 2023

Course Update- December 2023

Firstly – our apologies for the huge break in transmission. There has been a LOT going on in the background.

Whether or not you have previously expressed interest in commencing this course, or completed an application, we request that you do this again if you are keen to be in the 2024 intake.

As you’re likely aware – we decided not to attempt a second intake to the Grad Dip Animal Biomechanical Program in 2023 following the change of course administration, as there was so much to be done, and we needed to focus on the experience of our current group of students. These students are all progressing well, and we anticipate graduating another 23 excellent Animal Biomechanical Professionals in the middle of 2024.

Feedback comments from this cohort to the question “would you recommend this course” have included:

  • I have no hesitation in recommending this course. It has been life changing for me.
  • It is a fantastic course, keep up the good work!
  • I do believe we need more practitioners in the ABM space. This course provides that. As the course irons out the delivery issues it will be fantastic for future students.
  • I am loving the course!!
  • Overall, I think the course is great. I can see how hard the teachers are trying. I can see how much work it would be, and I am appreciative for sure.
  • Absolutely – a friend is super keen and the course has been mentioned a couple times in Chiro FB groups

    We are working hard to set up for another intake in July 2024.

After solid consideration of the options, we decided on another mid-year intake for the following reasons:

  • We need to re-accredit the course, which takes several months – we are planning to have this in place for July 24.
  • Mid-year intakes are much easier for both enrollments and course completions, as they avoid the distractions generally associated with the festive season and summer holidays.
  • We still have a lot to do in the set-up of the online components of the course. We are a small group with limited resources – we need to allow ourselves realistic time to get the work done.
  • Our priority remains our current students – we do not want to compromise their experience, due to stretching our resources.
  • We need to be able to give adequate notice to prospective students, to enable them to plan.

We are anticipating the enrollment process commencing in April or May 2024, with the first face to face workshop in August. There will be four 4-day workshops each year – these will most likely run in August, November, February-March and May each year, and as we have secured a very suitable venue these are held in Victoria presently. 

We will have confirmed dates for at least the first two workshops prior to commencing enrollments.

– Dr Kate Haines, Course Coordinator

Course information

The Graduate Diploma of Animal Biomechanical Medicine is run over two years and requires a commitment of around 10 hours a week to complete. It is open to osteopaths, veterinarians and chiropractors who are registered in Australia or New Zealand and who had a minimum of two years of clinical practice in their profession.

The course is delivered predominantly online with four workshops each year. Students are supported by a dedicated team of ABM professionals throughout the two years and become part of a wonderful community of professionals who continue to support each other after graduation. The course coordinator will be in contact with you when enrolments are next open mid-year.

Our graduates attest to how this qualification has improved their professional lives. We hope you will join us and look forward to hearing from you.

How to register your interest.

If you are interested in joining us in 2023, please register your interest and let us know your:

  • Profession: Chiropractor, Osteopath, or Veterinarian.
  • Contact details and best email address.

This is an exciting time to join our ABM community as the course has been reviewed, updated, and remodeled to work around the current restrictions.

If you would like more information, please visit the FAQ page.

If you have registered your interest, we will send you a reminder email when applications are being actively sought for the next intake on the calendar.

Register your interest in studying Animal Biomechanical Medicine