ABPA Members Working Together for the Industry

chiropractor for dog

17th August 2020-

The legislative working group met this week to begin the important task of reviewing legislation in each state to ensure our non-veterinary members can legally practice on animals. This work will affect our members, the future of the course and our insurance.

This is a very motivated group of ABPA members who care about the future of ABM. 

We are seeking the input of one chiro and one osteo from each state to review the legislation in their state and meet with the working group via Zoom on September 9th with their findings. States requiring representatives are Tasmania, WA, ACT, NT and SA. 

A guide will be provided on how to read the legislation. There are two documents to review – the Veterinary Act and the Veterinary Regulations. This is not arduous work if we share it. It is reasonable to ask that the members in each state do the work to ensure they are legally able to practice ABM or equivalent on animals. 

For more information please contact Claire Wade on 0408349686.