Biomechanical Medicine for Your Horse and Pets

Welcome to the Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia website.

All members of the Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia (ABPA) are professionals holding University degrees in Veterinary Science, Chiropractic Science or Osteopathy.

They also must hold at least a Graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) or RMIT University Graduate Diploma Animal Chiropractic to be eligible for membership of the ABPA, and must be registered to practice their original profession in the States or Territories in which they work.

In the past, crude forms of animal ‘manipulation’ have been used by untrained people, running a high risk of injury to the animal, not only due to the techniques themselves, but also the lack of training resulting in other conditions being undetected.

Unfortunately, the unwary owner would easily be misled by those purporting to be “qualified” in their field. The new Animal Biomechanical Medicine course puts an end to this, ensuring the highest standard of Animal Biomechanical Medicine care is available. So be sure to ask if your practitioner is fully qualified.

This site contains:

  • information about the ABPA association and its purpose
  • how to contact Registered Professional Practitioners with ABM qualifications. Our listings include details of the qualifications and profession of each practitioner.
  • information about ABM care for animals
  • information on how ABM care may help your animals